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Angus Maclise

Angus MacLise: a brief chronology 

Born: Bridgeport, Connecticut, March 14, 1938
1945 Katherine Dunham School; studied Haitian drumming
1948-1951 Dolmetsch School - Haslemere, Surrey, U.K.: studied Medieval European Dance Music
1950-1960 Latin and ballroom drumming
1952-1960 Buddy Rich School; studied Jazz Technique
1953-1957 Doc Friese (of the Symphony of the Air, under Toscanini). Studied Jazz and Free Form percussion with several teachers during the same period. Performed with the Queens Symphony Orchestra and All City High School Orchestra during the same period.
Travel and study of ethnic percussion traditions in Morocco, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India with various local teachers and groups
Music groups and individuals collaborated with or organized by Angus MacLise:

1961-1964 The La Monte Young Trio (La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela & Angus MacLise -- Instrumental)
1964 Yoko Ono: Music for dance
1961-1964 Fluxus Festivals (George Maciunas, Director) - - Concept compositions and Multimedia, Instrumental 1963-1966 John Vaccaro: Theatre of the Ridiculous: Plays (Incidental music), Multimedia and Films
1964 Ron Rice: Film: "Chumlum" (in collaboration with Tony Conrad), sound-track
1959-1970 Piero Heliczer: Films, Multimedia, Plays, Publications
1961-1970 Jack Smith: Plays, Films, Multimedia 
1961-1970 Theatre of Eternal Music: featuring La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela, Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad, John Cale
1961-1970 Jerry Joffen: Plays, Films, Multimedia
1965-1977 Ira Cohen: Films, Events, Multimedia, Poetry recitation
1965-1979 DREAMWEAPON: Director, Angus MacLise -- Multimedia (numerous changing personnel)
1967-1969 BERKSHIRE TRANCE ORCHESTRA: Freeform trance music group with changing personnel
1967-1970 JOYOUS LAKE: Freeform group: Angus MacLise, Hetty MacLise, Loren Standlee, Ziska Baum, Raj Samyana
1965-1978 Don Snyder: Films and Multimedia
1965 The Dreamweapon Festival, Cinematheque, Astor Place Playhouse, NYC, Multimedia Festival
1966-1968 The Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company, Berkeley, CA: Daniel Moore, Director; Angus MacLise, Percussionist
1965-1966 The Velvet Underground: Founding Member and collaborator
1969 Gerard Malanga: Soundtrack for film "The Children" for distribution -- the American Film Institute
1970 "EPIPHANY" Production -- Multimedia extravaganza -- Angus MacLise, director, organizer, and performer
1970 John Giorno: Musical accompaniment to poetry recitals 
1968-1970 The Foundation for Mind Research: Directors, Jean Houston and Robert Masters. Music composed and recorded for the specified purposes of research into experiment with various trance and other psychic phenomena, with various "sensitives." 
1976 Millenium Poetry and Multimedia Performance, with Don Snyder, The Millenium, NYC -- fulfilled as part of MacLise's Community Service requirement for having been awarded a CAPS Grant in Multimedia (1973) 
1977 THE SWAYAMBHU OPERA (with Ira Cohen, Petra Vogt and Bill Barker - -also goes under the title "Yield Now -- a Metaphysical Comedy") Composer, Librettist, Performer; Kathmandu, Nepal 
1978 Film soundtracks for Sheldon Rochlin, Hilary Harris and Amy Greenfield 1978 Preparation of "Oratorio of the Shadows" 
1979 Died, June 21st, Shanta Bawan Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal 
Undated: Soundtracks for films by Jerry Joffen, Don Snyder and Jonas Mekas 

Played with Christopher Tree, Los Angeles 

Recorded with Poe Disk Poetry & Tapes, and for the "Dreamweapon" Aspen 

Woodstock Festival, Free Tribal Orchestra 

Concerts and projects over unspecified time-span in New York, San Francisco (S.F. State Experimental College -- taught percussion), Pasadena Opera House (Multi-Media 8), Santa Cruz College (with Schlomo Carlbach), Straight Theatre and the Cinematheque -- S.F. Worked with Terry Riley, Peter Walker, Steve Weber, The Velvet Underground, Steve Elliot, John Cale, Tony Conrad, La Monte Young, Henry Flynt, Jackson Mac Low, Marc Slivka, et al. 

1970 The Cassandra Foundation (Chicago): "In recognition of your contributions to the field of American Music Composition" 
1973 CAPS (Creative Artists Public Service -- N.Y.C.) for Multimedia 


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Dreamweapon magazine, 1966 

Writ, 1967 

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Calligraphy, Other Scenes, 1968 

"The Inner Pages", SMS, The Letter Edged in Black Press Inc., 1968 

The New Universal Solar Calendar, 1969, printed by George Maciunas 

Calligraphy and Astrological Circle of Chinese Year & Elements, The Intrepid Bear issue (Intrepid #20/Floating Bear #38), 1971 

The Cloud Doctrine, Dreamweapon Press, 1974, Kathmandu, Nepal 

The Subliminal Report, Starstream Poetry Series #4 -- Bardo Matrix (Ira Cohen, Editor/Publisher, Kathmandu, Nepal), 1975 

The Map of Dusk, SZ Press, New York, 1984 


Aspen #9 (1969-1970), Boulder, Colorado/NYC: "The Dreamweapon Aspen" 

Ting Pa magazine (1972-1979), Dreamweapon Press, Kathmandu, Nepal